Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What is this all about?

So, I watched Julie and Julia the other night while stuck in the Nashville snowstorm. Then, I drove for 6 hours back to Asheville and had lots of time to think. I thought how I would love to have a blog like Julie in the movie did with all kinds of recipes - with a challenge in mind. So, this is what I plan to do...

Since my best friend, Mate, is traveling the world for the next five and a half months, I needed a way to keep up with her. So, I thought I would make a calendar for her trip with her destinations. Then, I would like to research the places where she is going (I have no clue about Geography and I have no clue about foreign people). So, I will study a place while she is there and then I will prepare a meal like the people there eat. I will share my fun facts that I learn about the place and my recipes with you. Thankfully, Mate will be spending more than one day in each of the places that she visits, so I will have a few days to complete my task.

Will you come along with me on my journey? It will last from February 5 (when Mate and Buddy start their trip with Super Bowl 44) and will end on July 1 when they get back to the States to New York. I hope you enjoy!


  1. mate...i am so excited about this....we will travel together!

  2. So it's kinda like Epcot, but without the Mouse and the princesses? :)

  3. Thanks, Pud! What do they eat in Fiji? Poi? Grub worms?

  4. OK, we are on board! We are going to make all of the things you tell us to make so I hope they are good. We love you for doing this. We are very sad here in Colorado:(