Monday, April 26, 2010

Bangkok - I cheated!

So...after realizing I only had 3 days to cook Bangkok food, I realized I was in a bind. Mate should not travel this fast! I did not even know where Bangkok was. So, I looked it up and found out it is the largest city in Thailand. Then, I scrolled down Mate's list of stops and saw that she and Shawn are returning to Thailand for a longer stay in a few weeks. So, I cheated. For the first time while on this journey. It was on a Tuesday night (after I weighed in at Weight Watchers), so we ate good with our Weight Watchers gang!!

Bob and I were introduced to Thai Cuisine Express a little over a year ago by our good friends, Chuck and Rhonda.

See the front window? A True Taste of Thai! If you live in the Asheville area, or are just visiting, you must stop by. This is a complete hole in the wall restaurant, but it is amazing! Bob and I go here about twice a month. There are only 4 booths in the whole restaurant, and your plates never match, but this adds to what makes this place so awesome!! We are on a first name basis with the owner/Chef, Pom. He knows what we want and knows what to leave out and what to add (I get 5 stars...that is super spicy and makes my nose run!). And, while Mate's brother, Russell lived in Asheville, he was also a regular here.

The above is my Cashew Tofu. I branched out this time. For the sake of the blog. I usually get Pineapple Fried Rice (see below) with Tofu or Pa Ram with Tofu. I have yet to get anything bad here. Since we have proved ourselves to Pom, he knows I am serious when I ask for a 5 star meal. He adds extra spice in mine...and I love it!

Bob got Pineapple Fried Rice with Beef. YUM (well, minus the beef!)!!

And, even though we did not catch Bob smiling, he had a great time and a great meal. This is us with Pom. Isn't he cute? I want him to come to my house and cook every night! And, if you come and visit me, I will probably take you to visit him. You will like him, I know!
Thai Cuisine Express...on Smoky Park Highway across from Fisherman's Quarters and between the Pawn Shop (next to the Funeral Home) and the car wash (Pom does not give change for the car wash). And, just so you do not have to go alone, call me! I'll be up for it any day!

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  1. maybe you can make yellow thai curry now that i am back in thailand. or russell's favorite green thai curry!